Computer Problems?     We -Make Things Go™ Need a new charger? Printer paper?We Sell That We're Producers
Computer Problems?   We -Make Things Go™
If your computer is slow or not booting, has a virus or malware, or you want to upgrade or install something new, we can help without a trip out of town. Let your local expert keep your PC happy!
Need a new charger? Printer paper?We Sell That
If it's for in the office or for a computer, printer or phone we either have it in stock already or can get it- probably within a day.

Let us save you a trip (and probably money!) and we even deliver it free within the 16438 ZIP Code.

We're Producers
We are Executive Producers for MrHumanity's #TeamHumanity videos, and we have produced websites, social media & viral marketing for local, national and international brands and companies.

Rabid Nerd, LLC

Rabid Nerd, LLC is a family owned local business owned by a couple that has been born and raised in Erie County.

Make Things Go™ is our mantra.

Our Services:
– REPAIR & SUPPORT of PCs, Networking, Printers, & Mobile Phones/Devices
– PRODUCTION of Social Media & Marketing (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
– PREPAID PHONE SERVICE as an Authorized Metro by T-Mobile Dealer
– AMAZON COUNTER buy something on Amazon and have it delivered here for pickup

Our Retail Sales:
– New & Refurbished/Used PCs, Networking & Printers (an HP & Lenovo Partner & a Microsoft Third Party Refurbisher)
– New & Refurbished/Used Cell Phones & Tablets as an Authorized Metro by T-Mobile Dealer

– Associated Office Supplies such as Ink, Paper, Cables & other IT necessities
– AVON Products
– “Herb’s Nerd Stuff” – Video Games, STEM Projects & Star Trek Paraphernalia
– “Lisa’s Yard Sale” – Used Clothes, School Supplies and other goods

Herb Riede M.Ed./BS I.T. has worked in positions across the country as a Network Administrator, Webmaster, Lead Developer, Programmer, Systems Analyst and is now a Systems Administrator. He has also earned his Masters in Education in Learning and Technology in order to gain the ability to explain technology – and problems that occur with it – at a level understandable to people outside of an IT Department.

He has worked with Emmy Award winners, managed social media for multiple public figures , companies and celebrities, created applications insured for millions of dollars and used by millions of people, and was first published at the age of 15. Herb has lived in Union City off and on since attending fifth grade, again when his twin daughters were born, and for the past few years.

Lisa Fralick BA ECE, has torn apart and reassembled a Personal Computer herself while earning an A+ certification over a decade ago. She is currently a substitute with the Union City Area School District and is working towards a Masters degree and teacher certification.

She has worked within churches and educational organizations throughout Union City since graduating at Union City High School in 2000. She served as a teacher’s aide at the Little Cubs Daycare, operated the nursery at the Nazarene Church, and now substitutes at both the Union City elementary and middle/high schools. She sells AVON products regularly, and has catalogs at the ready as well.

Phone: 814-438-6100

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NOTE: We are often out of the store but nearby.
Please call 438-6100 anytime day or night if we have stepped out!

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5 N. Main Street
Union City, PA 16438