Herb Riede

 30+ years experience with computers, first drawn in by his older brother who worked for NASA in the Gemini mission clean rooms had computers in his basement in the early 80's that had Facemaker.

At age five he got a Commodore Vic20 and subscriptions to ENTER and Family Computing.

By age 12, he took computer programming through the National Radio Institute, learning C, Pascal, COBOL and Assembly Language, completing the course "with honors". 

At 14, he was published in the magazine "PCM" with a Slot Machine program he wrote for his mother.

At age 21 he moved from Corry to become Network Administrator for First Express in Meadville, PA. 

He then wrote a program that caught the eye of Florida-based sweepstakes website Windough.com in 2000.

The dot-com bubble of the Y2K era burst and Herb was hired by The Boyds Collection of Gettysburg, PA, getting him back to Pennsylvania. 

While in the Gettysburg area, Herb became a champion level amateur poker player, having won a tournament in Atlantic City with 170 entrants, repeatedly taking season champion trophies in area leagues. He also defeated a 30 year incumbent in a race for McSherrystown Borough Council at 25 and became Mayor at 27.

By 2009, he was able to convince the company that eventually bought Boyds, Enesco to allow him to move closer to home in Meadville, PA.

My overreaching goal is to improve life for my kids and have fun at what I do.

Herb has four children, five brothers and five sisters. Three of his siblings and his mother as well as many nieces, nephews, aunts and cousins live in Corry.

Specialties: solution engineering, code analysis, usability, public speaking, data analysis
Making Things Go

Web: PHP, MooTools, JQuery, ColdFusion, .Net, MS/My-SQL, XML, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, wireframing, Skeleton, WordPress, Joomla.
Programming: VB, C++, Perl, WSH, RPG, AS/400.
Platforms: Windows 95/NT4-10. Android 3+. Red Hat, CentOS, Mac OS.